Monday, November 08, 2010

Another Oklahoma Winter

We are on the brink of another winter season. The weather in this last year has been the oddest I've ever seen. Blizzard, flood, heatwave, earthquakes, mammoth hail, tornadoes...Welcome to Oklahoma!

I will say there are a few things that you can't survive winter without. Or at least I can't, so here's my list.

1. Ice scraper. Unless you park in a garage, you will have to have one. Trust me.
2. Humidifier. Unless you like bloody noses and talking like a frog.
3. Faucet covers. For your outside faucets. You don't want to skip this one.
4. Gloves. It might not be cold enough to freeze you, but with the wind, your hands will not survive.
5. Ear covering. See #4, it goes for ears, too.
6. Blankets. Because when the weather does what it does, you will most likely lose power. You'll want to cover up.
7. Food you don't have to cook. See #6. And don't wait until the weather starts to get it. Walmart will be out of everything. I don't know why.
8. Water. Walmart won't have any of that either. Frozen pipes don't give you water.
9. Boots. Because at some point you will be outside and you want to keep your toes.
10. Candles and hot chocolate. Cause when you locked in, they make you feel warm and cozy.


Last year's Icepocalypse was quite an adventure. Take a look.

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