Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Camp

You read it right, I went to summer camp! Not as a camper but as the International Missions representative. Woooo.....

Me & Emily, my niece and camp cohort in awesomeness!

And I had so much fun!

I also discovered something about myself. I'm getting stronger, I'm getting more fit and even eating camp food, I can lose weight! One pound to be exact, but for me, that is a huge success!

I turned down the golf cart they offered to scoot around in and I walked....A LOT!

I think the balance of portion control and activity was the secret. I felt so good. This is a life-changing journey for me and even the little things keep me so encouraged!

Thanks for all your encouragement, too.

If you are wondering if you can change __________ in your life, you can! Choose to believe God wants good things for you, He is your strength, and then make up your mind to do it! If I can, anyone can, trust me on that one.