Thursday, December 12, 2013

Carmex Cuties!

I'm back with some new Carmex news. This time, it's pretty fun. So get ready!

Start HERE. It's just 7 questions and it's fun. You like fun, right?

Now that you've finished that, my answer was Chic. I know, I'm laughing too! But I guess unstyled hippie wasn't an option. Gotta love it!

I've talked about the Moisture Plus options before and they are my go to lip goodie now. And now the folks at Carmex are making them cute. I'm thinking stocking stuffers.

Hope you enjoyed this little fashion beats going to the mall! BUT WAIT-THERE:S MORE!

Leave a comment telling me which style you are from the quiz above and you could get this cute little set, too! My generous friends at Carmex love spreading the love. I'll do a random drawing the 20th.

peace and Merry Christmas!

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

So the people at CleanSmart contacted me about trying their new alcohol free hand sanitizer. So I said yes, sure, and they sent me a free sample.

I'm not an authority on hand sanitizers but I have enjoyed their product. I will assume it's killing germs, I can't see them. But what I can tell is my hands aren't dry after use, there are no strong smells and I don't feel any residue after using.

Right now, it's only available online, HERE.

I like the idea of less chemicals, no odor, alcohol free and gentle. With cold and flu season upon us, try it out and see what you think.

If you'd like to try it, know me in real life and we'll see each other soon, I've got a sample for you, too. Hit me up.