Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the sights, the sounds and OHHH the smells....

yes ladies and gents, the Oklahoma City Arts Festival is in full swing! Tornados be damned and rain, rain go away--we have art to see, pots to make and the world's greatest food to eat. From bratwurst and kraut to strawberries newport and chocolate dipped cheesecake, you can find it here. Live performances on the plaza and an amazing collection of pottery, jewelry, paintings, sculptures, photos, furniture and much more...
If you've never made it downtown to this event, don't miss it!!
Lasts through Sunday, April 29th.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

a remembrance...

we have recently had several events in our lives that have been difficult to walk through. but with God's strength and ever-present help, we've walked through.

on this april 19th, i'm grateful that our city has walked through as well. on this day 12 years ago, i heard a sound that shook me, startled me, made me run outside and then hug my children and call my family and friends. a bomb had almost leveled the Murrah building and 171 human beings lost their lives.

the impact shook our foundations, our beliefs, our commitments, but before the dust had settled, we started walking through. our community was strengthened as we searched together, mourned together, celebrated together, wept together and pulled together. we are better for having been there and grateful to have walked through to the other side.

if you are ever in okc, go to the bombing memorial museum and grounds. you will experience the spirit of the people of Oklahoma and join in our walk.

and the deconstruction continues....

i am grateful for a house with more than 1 bathroom. i started there to remind myself!!! our bathroom is officially a shell. in ripping out sheet rock, you discover nasty things. LIKE, when the previous owner signed the disclosure on our house, he failed to mention to previous water damage in the master bathroom. now before you defend him, understand that it is obvious that the previous damage had been somewhat repaired, so he knew. but i am getting a new bathroom, reminder #2 to be grateful.

now on to the fun stuff. i've picked out the tile, very tuscan looking. and the new fixtures, also old world. the shower is almost framed in and it will actually be larger than it was by a few inches. we won't have to bend backwards to rinse our heads because we are raising the shower head to the 7 foot mark! YEA!!! and once we are finished the bathroom will be one room we can mark off the "Boy this house was built in tht 70's and still looks like it" list! then on to be determined.

so, i am grateful. we've had the resources, the help and the time to fix the bathroom. thanks todd, you and jim the tool man taylor have done a great job!