Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Zambian Brain Bug

During a recent visit to one of the myriad of doctors we've seen, the question was raised by my sister. "Could you have gotten something in Zambia?"

Everything was coming back negative, so this sparked an idea. I went to the CDC's website, typed in Zambian dirt parasites and the response was overwhelming. My trip to Zambia in 2013 was a very intense, personal trip. I was with the people in a small group. Holding sick babies, playing with children in their villages, walking in soft dirt with shoes and without, and enjoying the experience.

And in that dirt are thousands of parasites and bacteria and I think I brought one home. It just took a while for it to rock my world. Looking back, I see symptoms now easily attributed to stress. Hindsight is alway 20/20.

So last Friday, they took vials of blood for a test called a NMO AB looking for just this, the brain bug. It was sent off and we're awaiting the results. I will have a biopsy on Friday for a small sample of brain tissue as this is the last piece of the puzzle. 

What started on September 30th and has kept me on hold since then, has been the most amazing journey with God, my family, my friends, my church and my community.

I have learned so much, I'm grateful for so much.

From day one, I've said God's got this! He was not surprised on September 30 and I believe Jeremiah 29:11-14 has been my life verse for a reason. 

This story will continue to unfold and I'll continue to tell it. God gets all the glory and has done nothing but been to be good to me, even when all I could say was "It is well with my soul."


Saturday, November 01, 2014

Best News Ever!

Lots of news about Me! Wednesday, November 5th at 8:00 am, I have an appointment with a neurologist to explain tests results and future plans. The tests are complete, they will share those results and the wait is over.

The neurosurgeon's words to me were "This is the best possible scenario. You will live a long, happy life. I couldn't be more pleased!"

When we know details after Wednesday, we'll tell you. Until then, my meds will remain unchanged so roids rule and let's continue to keep me calm. 

Just wanted to share the miracle God has given our family!

Thank you for your continued support but God has always had this and it is well with our souls.