Wednesday, August 31, 2005

living in a bathtub

I have always wanted to visit New Orleans. Mardi Gras intrigues and scares me a little, but I always thought I'd see it once, kind of like Vegas. I heard a reporter say, and I quote, "If you build a city in a bathtub, you have to expect someday it will fill up". Well, we've seen the day. And I don't think it will ever be the same. It made me think though, if I lived in a bathtub and a hurricane was coming, what would I take with me? My husband and kids, no question, my dog, most likely, my cat, pretty bible, pictures, jewelry, a camera, clothes, money, and maybe my great grandmother's silver. I couldn't think of anything I "ride out the storm" for, or wrestle alligators for, or loot a wal mart for. I saw a guy on the news dragging a washing machine out of Lowe's. Kind of screams the question "Whatcha gonna wash in that machine with no water and no electricity?" I mean seriously, washing machine did not make my take it with me list. Neither did the TV. I am sad for the trapped and desperate in New Orleans and Mississippi and Alabama. Single parents, small children, the poor, the elderly and infirm. But these weren't the people I saw running out of the stores dragging carts and washing machines. I hope that in this tragic time, the needy are remembered and cared for. I hope the gators get the rest.

Monday, August 29, 2005

The home of the brave

I saw a cartoon in the Oklahoman this morning and it was a reporter asking Cindy Sheehan "How did your son, Casey, feel about the war?" and she is responding with "What's that got to do with it ?"

Well, all I know is I am proud to have family members and friends who will fight for our freedom. The sacrifices that our military and their families make to provide for our rights and freedoms should be hailed not questioned. So I want to say thank you to the men and women all over the world that follow their Commander in Chief, protect and serve on a daily basis and receive no notariety for it.

And to Cindy Sheehan, I am sorry for the loss of your son. But I am grateful for his sacrifice for my freedom, my children's freedom and the freedom of everyone he fought for. I am sorry for the loss of your marriage as well. I hope that as time passes you will remember the living and let the dead rest in peace, never forgetting, but moving forward with the joy of their memory in your heart. I hope you can find the freedom in your own heart, mind and world that your son fought valiantly to provide for you and us all. Thanks Casey, you paid the ultimate price for your patriotism and I will not forget to honor you as a veteran and hero.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

just one woman's opinion

life is an interesting journey...just when i think the road is clearing, construction begins. kind of like I-35 south! talking to a group of 17ish girls this morning, i find myself amazed at the burdens of youth these days. they aren't always external-jobs, school, opposite sex, peer pressure, etc.--i'm finding these days they are more internal. do i measure up, worries about friends and families, futures. what happened to the JOY of childhood? when did our society become so obsessed with what we do and how we do it that we forgot the simple things. a gentle rainshower, the smell of fresh cut grass, spitting watermelon seeds in the grass (and watching them grow the next year), playing in the mud, fingerpainting, music, reading, spinning in a tire swing...
i am not unrealistic. i know that education is important, goals are needed and sometimes t-ball players do grow up to be the next Babe Ruth. but i know more that the little boy peeing in the outfield because he's clueless about baseball but fascinated with the way the weeds react to his urinating on them brings joy to everyone watching (except maybe his mom). i also know that the pursuit of excellence for excellence sake is a vain and empty pursuit. do what you love excellently, that's success.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

baby blogger on the move!!

after foraying in the xanga world (gasp, shaking of head, small denial...) i have decided to take the plunge and blog for real! so here I am world, ready or not. i don't know the answer to world peace or world hunger, i don't care who won the oscars and i'm too old for mtv to be cool...but i do love the black eyed peas (group not vegi), i ain't no hollaback girl and bach rocks! so hang on...randomness is my specialty and life is my canvas. wonderful combination...strangely disturbing...but stay tuned!
peace chicken grease!