Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pay It Forward

So if for some reason you haven't seen me talking about this EVERYWHERE (a little excited) I'm putting it here as well.

I got to be part of a blessing. So amazing that God would use me, choose me, let me get to have all the fun! Hope you enjoy.


They should have included a blooper would have shown us chasing the money through a parking lot on a windy day because yours truly dropped it. Grace I tell you, grace.

If you'd like to help Joe's Addiction, I'd be glad to take cash, clothes, coats, blankets from you to them. They also have a Free Store where people in need can come get what they need. LOVE this place and the people. Go get a great cup of joe and find out why.

1806b Southeast 59th Street  Oklahoma City, OK 73129
(405) 601-2962

(east of I-35 on SE 59th)