Sunday, April 30, 2006

thoughts on getting old

I've decided that getting old is a state of mind and as I've already stated, I'm not moving again!! Just kidding, sort of. I have a dear friend who is 83 years young. Not just because it's cool to say that, but because it's true. She hangs out with our daughters as easily as with my mother and it is amazing to watch her. On the other hand, I know people around my age that are already old. How sad to waste life on surviving. I want to be vital, busy, relevant, energetic, fun-loving and interesting as long as God sees fit to leave me here. I want to live this life I've been entrusted with. I want to watch the character grow on my face. I want to see the laughter I've listened to in my eyes. I want to wear purple now (although I'm not sure about the red hat!). I want to share joy, laugh without limits, feel, and experience. Celebrate with me that today you have breath, today you have a voice, today you have options, today you have abilities, today you have experiences, today you have today!!! Invest it wisely and enjoy it unashamedly.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Cross cultural event

Like you've never seen before. Well, okay maybe once, at a Hornet's game. Canterbury and the Canterbury Academy of the Vocal Arts will be singing the National Anthem at the Yard Dawgz game on April 29th. And they called us. This PR gig ain't so bad, and it seems to be working!

In the coming week in OKC

If you have never been to the Arts Festival in Downtown OKC, you should make the trip. Start at the Northeast corner of Reno and Walker with the finest fare in food gathered in one location for your pleasure. There are Indian Tacos, Strawberries Newport, Tequila Lime Bread Pudding, Blackened Chicken Sandwiches, Gyros, Roasted Corn and much more! If you hear singing coming from the Blackened Chicken booth, it's Canterbury folk preparing your food. Each food booth is sponsored and manned by a non-profit arts agency as a fund raiser. So bring your funds to help raise ours! and Thanks!!! Then mosey around the tents and booths and view artisan wares from all over. The Myriad Gardens is beautiful and there are fun things for the kiddos. It's a great time for all and it supports the arts in Oklahoma City. Wear comfortable shoes and come prepared to enjoy!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hi ho, hi ho, unpacking here we go

Boxes, boxes everywhere and not a drop to drink! because you see, i think a sangria swirl would help this process move along much more quickly or at least a lot less painfully! Any way, it's beginning to happen. It's beginning to look like we live here. My plan is to focus on the inside this year and see what comes up in the yard and then focus on the outside next year. that is if the monkey grass doesn't take over. you see, we have an abundance of it. the entire front yard is encircled in it, in a 4 foot swatch. it is around the flower beds, all four of them. if it weren't for monkey grass, we'd have no grass at all. we do have some random bushes, a couple of azaleas, some irises and a rose. and trees. A huge maple tree in the back, several pine trees and a couple of birches. Shade is a wonderful thing.

suki has discovered squirrels. the last house we lived in had no trees (new neighborhood built on farmland), hence no squirrels. She has become the mighty huntress, saving us from the pillaging vermin that threaten our habitat. it's quite amusing.

And we have rocking chairs. 4 teak wood rockers and tables. it's wonderful to sit on the patio, rocking in our chairs, enjoying a beverage, watching the mighty huntress protect us from evil while the chimenea smokes.

Life on Easy street, I can definitely get used to this.

As soon as we're unpacked, it's party time...stay tuned.

p.s. free monkey grass, you dig, you haul, you can have it for free!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Now I remember...

why I hate moving! When I was young and foolish(not a good combination, but a natural one unfortunately), we moved frequently. In our 23 years of marriage, we have moved 18 times. 17 of those were in the first 12 years. Our last move was 10 years ago. I've grown older and wiser in that time. Forgetful too! I forgot how much work it takes to pack a house. I forgot how dust bunnies under appliances and furniture become werebunnies when left undisturbed. I forgot how much energy loading and unloading everything you own takes. The one thing I did remember is how much help friends and family can be.
Some good friends came with trucks and muscles to help us move. My mom gave up her day off to tie up all the loose ends and clear the old house. The entire pastoral staff of our church showed up with trucks, trailers, dollies and strong backs to help us move. I've heard of servant leadership my whole life, for the first time, I saw it in action. Not because we are special, needy, unable...just because that's what Jesus did. He helped people with their every day needs. Some were more significant than others, but he helped them all. Thanks NEWCHURCH pastors for helping the least of these. Our paradigms have shifted due to your kindness and example.
So we're here. We can't find anything but it's great and we are looking forward to many years on Easy Street. I don't think I'll ever get tired of saying that! :-) It makes me smile. When we find the kitchen, we'll throw a party. We always do!
WWJD-whatever someone needed Him to. What has He done for you?
Peace from Easy Street!