Thursday, September 28, 2006

it's good to have friends...

The last month has been a challenge as everyone who reads this blog knows. My sister, who still has young, busy, non-driving children at home, has had a lot to take care of needless to say. So one of her long time friends calls, says she has something to drop by and ask her to leave her key out so she can put it in the house. My sister gets home after work, soccer practice, football practice and finds her whole house clean, her laundry done, folded and on each bed and dinner in the crockpot. How cool is that? Thank you God for good friends who know it is truly more blessed to give than to receive. We are surrounded by them. Help me to remember to be one of them.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

On the road again...

I'm so glad that I'm not on the road again this weekend. Yes, the great big UHaul made it's way from Seven Points, Texas to El Reno, Oklahoma this past weekend. After 3 weeks on the road, 36 boxes, 3 rolls of tape, and much sweat and some tears, Dad is in Oklahoma!! We are so very grateful to God that he was 2 steps ahead of us every step of the way. So we're here and the lake house is on the market. Once it sells, we're done! For now...
peace! (and my own bed for the weekend!!)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I look great...

for the mother of a 67 year old!!! sometimes dealing with dad is a lot like having little children again. we get to talk about sick tummies, pooping, when to go to sleep, taking baths and changing clothes. Not that he is incapable of taking care of the basics, he just considers some of the basics unnecessary.
Why take a bath, we're not going anywhere?
Why change clothes, I'm just staying home.
Why go to bed, I'm sleeping fine in my chair?
It's like reasoning with a 3 year old!
I have to admit, sometimes he wears me slick. But I'm grateful he's here and we don't have to worry that he's not ok. I'm grateful he's accepting our help. I'm grateful that we can have time with him while he still knows who we are. I'm grateful I have my sister to take this journey with. I'm grateful that God walks every step with me because I could not do this without him.

Monday, September 18, 2006

miracles still happen

during the recent weeks we have so many dear family and friends praying us through the situation with our dad. let me run down the miracles for you.

2 months ago- dad was unwilling and adamant that he would never need our help and never move to Oklahoma
prayer happened
2 weeks ago- dad called and not only asked for our help, but completely turned over everything and admitted he needed our help

2 weeks ago- dad was number 12 on the waiting list for the best place we could find for him to live
prayer happened
6 hours ago- we put a deposit on his 1 bedroom duplex

1 week ago- every doctor we called who accepted medicare wasn't taking patients or if they were taking patients, they didn't take medicare
prayer happened
today-we found a wonderful doctor, who takes medicare, and is accepting patients

and this is just the beginning!!!

Thank you so much to our amazing Father in heaven!!!

GREAT, unsurpassed, unexplainable PEACE!

Friday, September 15, 2006

saga 2 and other news

So the car wouldn't start...My sister's Nissan Murano (very nice) had just had it's alternator recalled and replaced. So of course this is the best car to take to Texas for our whirlwind weekend of daddy business. We wake up day 1, car's dead. We can't jump it, it won't start. So we hook it up to a battery charger and at the end of the day the car finally starts. We have borrowed our cousin's car in the meantime so no real lost time. Next morning, we're packing to leave and leave the hatch open. Little bitty hatch lights drain the battery, car won't start. So we rehook the car to the charger, set it on high, listen to whole car hum and in 30 minutes, the car starts. We all jump in for the ride home, praying for good gas mileage and no head winds. Only one hitch, we have to stop for potty break and food, so we pull into Arby's and I go in while sis and dad stay in the running car and then we trade. Dad makes it out of the potty room just a little faster than my sister who exits the restaurant to see daddy getting into the van of a lovely couple from California. She runs over and asks dad if he'd like to go with us instead and everyone laughs and we cry inside knowing daddy can't live alone and is further gone than we had realized. We drive through, get food and get home. Thank you God!!
So we're leaving again today to run across the red river, sort through the rest of dad's belongings and pack them up so next weekend we can uhaul them back to Oklahoma. All I can say is...I'm driving my car!!!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

answered prayers and the necessities of life

saga 1

well, after our wild trip to Texas, we have relocated one father. God receives much thanks and all the praise for an easy transition in a difficult situation. Daddy is here, happy, compliant and very humbled. He's awesome!!!

now to the necessities of life...we all know we have too much stuff. In light of survival, how we interpret necessities is very individualized. while preparing dad to come to OK, we told him to pack just the necessities he'd need for 2 weeks. When we went to check his suitcase when he was done, here's what he packed:

1 Boyscout handmade leather jacket
1 polished wood kerchief knot
6 pair underwear
1 knife

Needless to say, holding back both laughter and tears, we added a few clothes and his toothbrush. I think we may have left the knife for next trip!?

the adventures in alzheimers have only just begun...

thank you God for your favor, your graciousness, your strength, and your laughter. we could not do this without You!!


preview: Saga 2...and the car wouldn't be continued!