Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I look great...

for the mother of a 67 year old!!! sometimes dealing with dad is a lot like having little children again. we get to talk about sick tummies, pooping, when to go to sleep, taking baths and changing clothes. Not that he is incapable of taking care of the basics, he just considers some of the basics unnecessary.
Why take a bath, we're not going anywhere?
Why change clothes, I'm just staying home.
Why go to bed, I'm sleeping fine in my chair?
It's like reasoning with a 3 year old!
I have to admit, sometimes he wears me slick. But I'm grateful he's here and we don't have to worry that he's not ok. I'm grateful he's accepting our help. I'm grateful that we can have time with him while he still knows who we are. I'm grateful I have my sister to take this journey with. I'm grateful that God walks every step with me because I could not do this without him.

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