Thursday, January 31, 2008

frozen in time....

or at least in the stuff that is falling today. some white, some wet, some icy, welcome to Oklahoma! the land of the weather smorgasbord!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

who knew a treasure lay up in guthrie....

i've been to this small town many times...great antiquing, barbecue and Christmas festival. but i had never been to the Banjo Museum until yesterday. you may ask, "why the banjo museum?", it's not my regular gig, but in april Buddy Wachter, Hall of Famer in the banjo world is coming to the Philharmonic AND the banjo museum is moving to Bricktown. so off to banjo world we go and although unsure of the enjoyment factor ahead of time, I was slightly amazed.

These instruments are works of art and define what was truly America's first music form. Here are a few pics i took, enjoy, check out their website and make the trip, you won't be disappointed. Plus, there's a Shakey's tribute room!

Hey, call me and we'll go spend a day in Guthrie.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

all things red today

i don't know why, but i'm sharing another red moment with you. hubbie and i went to an amazing restaurant called red prime steakhouse. it is pricey but it is wonderful. the food is good, the service is amazing (thank you joel) and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. try it is special occasion worthy! ask for the round booths.


bowling for fun!!!

If you've never been to Red Pin Bowling Lounge in Bricktown, you should go!!! It is just north of Harkins on the lower level by the river. It's a very deco looking cool place. Prices are reasonable, service is great and the video commentaries on your play is so cute!! If you want to see more, watch Discover Oklahoma on channel 9 on Feb 2 and see the Philharmonic staff having a blast!! We didn't know they'd be there, but what a nice surprise.

check it out


Monday, January 21, 2008

round robin starts now

my art group, the Ephemerites, is starting this year's round robin. last year it was canvases and they turned out beautiful. since i joined the group later in the year, i didn't have the opportunity to do one. SOOOO, this year's round robin is a pick what you want, so each project is different. the only complaint i heard about last year's canvases was that they were too small, i fixed that problem, mine is 30 x 40!!

here is the beginning of my project. i'll update each month and show the work that's been done. i may even show you what i'm working on. enjoy.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white elephant Christmas???

my dear mother, who's known by all around to be on the quirky side, out-did herself this year. amidst the unwrapping of lovely gifts, we came across these.

in case you can't read them clearly, the dress says "you're still hot, it just comes in flashes now." and the stud cowboy says "this ain't no beer belly it's a gas tank for a sex machine." feel free to click on the picture and see them close up!

charming. i wondering if she would like some of those manure animals for her birthday?


Saturday, January 05, 2008

self portrait

so the ephemarites are going to published in a magazine called Haute Handbags. it's a somerset publication and we're all excited! we submitted a purse that we all altered and they accepted it and wanted an article about our group. all that to say....i needed a self portrait and bio to put on so the world could see all of us.

it's a little strange cutting out your own head, but i like the finished product.