Monday, February 26, 2007

so 43 and counting....

yes, today is the day. i'm 43 and it looks a LOT younger than i ever imagined. :-)

i truly believe that age is a state of mind. i have a dear friend who is 87 and as with it as she ever has been. young at heart keeps her young at mind.

i've decided that if age is a state of mind, i'm just not moving to that state!!!

so here's to another year on the planet. hope you enjoy yours as much as i'll enjoy mine. started out with a catered lunch, flowers from my sweetie and many good wishes. does life really get better than that?


Saturday, February 17, 2007


we've all seen the commercial, ring $6000, plane trip $1250, Mr. Suki-Dad, Dad-Keiko, Brian-Mrs. Suki blah blah blah

well, here's my version

1 new job-priceless
no office drama-priceless
no migrains, back pain, loss of sleep-priceless

so, I guess the best things in life are free.

Yes ladies and gents, it's been a B-E-A-utiful couple of weeks. And to top it off, I get President's day off too.

I have wondered in moments of weakness if I did the right thing by leaving my last position. I would say a recovered life is proof enough. Life really is too short to stay stuck. What's stopping you from moving forward? Change it if you can, it's worth the risk.


Friday, February 16, 2007

happy birthday hubbie!

It's just another day
in just another year
in just another cold february month
but today seems a little brighter
my step seems a little lighter
cause today i celebrate the one I love.

Happy Birthday Hubbie!!!

Here's to many, many more....

a weekend of jazz

this is going to be one cool weekend. the Legendary Dave Brubeck is in Oklahoma City and performing with Canterbury. more accurately, we're performing with him. my mom pulled out her playboy album from the 60's with Brubeck on it and i hope to get it autographed for her. there is such buzz about being on the same stage with this 86 year old legend. one of the highlights in my singing career. he's being honored as a jazz legend in New York at the Kennedy Center in early March.

To be alive and a legend, wonder what that feels like. to have had such impact in one area of anything that you will leave a mark on it forever. wow...

so i'm stepping on the stage and singing with this man who focused his talent and changed jazz forever....


Saturday, February 03, 2007

almost home...

it's been a great trip (with the exception of one day of stomach flu for hubbie). It is interesting to me that such a modpodge family from so many different homes actually have so much in common. i think we'll make the effort to come back more. we like it here and i think jim finally has a sense of belonging with his family that he has not had since he was a child. thank You GOD!!! i love it when God's plan comes together.