Tuesday, July 08, 2008

?????? got a hoopty!!

ok, so you know those moments you wish you had captured on film, phone, whatever....well yesterday i had one.

picture this in your mind. loud music playing (ok that was in my car, but still), and to my right this GHETTO red lincoln, low in the back and bouncing on every bump, silver detailing around all wheel wells, down the doors, across the trunk, decent wheels (no spinners though), windows rolled down....got it?

now look at the driver....young, male, maybe ethnic.....


Granny got a hoopty!!! I almost died laughing! I went from stereotypical to you gotta be kiddin me in 2.5 seconds. Little white granny, dressed in her Sunday best, looking between the steering wheel and the dash, bouncing on every bump.

don't you just love surprises!! and a good, long giggle?