Friday, February 24, 2012

Life with Dexter

So many of you know that we adopted a little rescue named Dexter. Here are just a few pictures that will explain why we kept him.  WARNING: Cute overload is entirely possible. Please observe only at your own discretion.

peace, love and dexter.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Supporting Nepal

Many of you already know that my daughter, Andrea, and her husband, Bijay, are in Nepal visiting the Lama family. It's the first trip to Nepal for Andrea and the first trip home for Bijay in many years.

They are staying with Bijay's parents whose home is an orphanage. They have taken in 28 children from 5 to 17 and in addition to being pastors, they are caretakers of these children.

Needless to say they are busy folks!

So to do my little part, I'm selling some jewelry from Nepal and all the money goes back to them. Here are some example pieces, I have more.  I'm asking $5 per piece, but like I said it all goes to them, so give whatever you feel compelled to give.

Just leave a comment and we'll figure out payment and delivery.

Thank you for your support of New Creation Children's Home 


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mama Mia!

I took my sister to see the cheesiest, ABBA filled, musical in spandex last night. We had a great time, mostly because we're sisters and we love each other.

The sets were great, the costuming amusing and colorful, the supporting cast-Terrific!!! Loved the actresses who played Tanya & Rosie. 

MAMMA MIA! North American Tour 2010 (photo by Joan Marcus)

But here's where it went wrong in my humble opinion. The leads, Donna & Sam, were weak and pitchy. He was sharp, she was flat. It was not good. Some long held notes, painful.

Now I understand that some ABBA music isn't very forgiving. It's has broad ranges and high extremes. But isn't that why they audition and get paid? I've seen many shows by many companies in OKC and this was my least favorite.

Maybe they were just having an off night. It happens. I heard on the radio this morning from the leads that last night was their 450th show. I'm hoping they have not all sounded like last night sounded. 

If you love ABBA, spandex, and platform shoes...get your tickets and go check it out. The encore was fabulous!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Whitney Houston

There are times when the death of someone you've never known still causes reflection. When Michael Jackson died, I reflected on how his music was the soundtrack to much of my youth.

When I heard about Whitney Houston, I stopped and sighed. She was barely older than I am. Her voice has inspired me over the years. I loved her spark, her joy. Her talent is such a great loss. But when I got to really thinking, her talent has been greatly unused for a time. In recent years, she has seemed so sad, so bereft of all the effervescence she had been known for. Addiction and abuse had definitely taken it's toll.

One of my favorite Whitney moments

How sad is it that this beautiful, talented, gifted woman succumbed to a life of abuse, addiction and neglect?

But for the grace of God, there go I. What talents have I hidden under a bushel? Not a bushel of addiction but hidden none-the-less.

I want to be a faithful servant, investing my talents as God leads.


Thursday, February 02, 2012


So this week I've been sick. 7 days worth. Off work, feeling gross and a little sorry for myself. I'm not a good sick person, I don't like it, I quit.

But God is always so faithful to keep things in perspective for me.

This week a dear friend's 17 year old daughter was having trouble sleeping and breathing. They took her in for a chest X-ray and found a large lymphatic mass. After tests and surgery, there is a good chance she has Hodgkins lymphoma. The whole family has been a testimony to the faithfulness of God. Join me in praying for Lorelei.

I'll feel better soon and I've stopped whining about being sick. Thank you, God.