Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mama Mia!

I took my sister to see the cheesiest, ABBA filled, musical in spandex last night. We had a great time, mostly because we're sisters and we love each other.

The sets were great, the costuming amusing and colorful, the supporting cast-Terrific!!! Loved the actresses who played Tanya & Rosie. 

MAMMA MIA! North American Tour 2010 (photo by Joan Marcus)

But here's where it went wrong in my humble opinion. The leads, Donna & Sam, were weak and pitchy. He was sharp, she was flat. It was not good. Some long held notes, painful.

Now I understand that some ABBA music isn't very forgiving. It's has broad ranges and high extremes. But isn't that why they audition and get paid? I've seen many shows by many companies in OKC and this was my least favorite.

Maybe they were just having an off night. It happens. I heard on the radio this morning from the leads that last night was their 450th show. I'm hoping they have not all sounded like last night sounded. 

If you love ABBA, spandex, and platform shoes...get your tickets and go check it out. The encore was fabulous!


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