Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Supporting Nepal

Many of you already know that my daughter, Andrea, and her husband, Bijay, are in Nepal visiting the Lama family. It's the first trip to Nepal for Andrea and the first trip home for Bijay in many years.

They are staying with Bijay's parents whose home is an orphanage. They have taken in 28 children from 5 to 17 and in addition to being pastors, they are caretakers of these children.

Needless to say they are busy folks!

So to do my little part, I'm selling some jewelry from Nepal and all the money goes back to them. Here are some example pieces, I have more.  I'm asking $5 per piece, but like I said it all goes to them, so give whatever you feel compelled to give.

Just leave a comment and we'll figure out payment and delivery.

Thank you for your support of New Creation Children's Home 


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barb said...

Such precious and lovely faces....each and every one!