Monday, April 01, 2013

My skin is saved...

Yes, this is a Carmex post but for real you guys, I didn't think my skin would survive winter.

I got this care package from my friends at Carmex. It had all of this in it.

And honestly, it couldn't have come at a better time. I felt like my skin was so dry (how dry was it?), it was so dry I understood how fish feel out of water. ALL SCALES! (groan) So once again, Carmex to the rescue. I think I maybe addicted to the healing cream. It gets in and changes the texture of my skin and I don't have to put it on over and over. A couple of times a day and my hands feel better. I like the lotion as well, maybe for summer since it isn't as heavy.

So if you've survived winter but you aren't sure if your skin has, leave a comment*, tell me your name and tell me how dry your skin is. My friends at Carmex want to save your skin, too. The two goodies I got, they'll send you if by random number generator, you are chosen.

No charge, no catch, no gimmicks. Just hope for scaly skin. :-)


*For US citizens only. I was provided these products at no charge by Carmex.