Monday, April 01, 2013

My skin is saved...

Yes, this is a Carmex post but for real you guys, I didn't think my skin would survive winter.

I got this care package from my friends at Carmex. It had all of this in it.

And honestly, it couldn't have come at a better time. I felt like my skin was so dry (how dry was it?), it was so dry I understood how fish feel out of water. ALL SCALES! (groan) So once again, Carmex to the rescue. I think I maybe addicted to the healing cream. It gets in and changes the texture of my skin and I don't have to put it on over and over. A couple of times a day and my hands feel better. I like the lotion as well, maybe for summer since it isn't as heavy.

So if you've survived winter but you aren't sure if your skin has, leave a comment*, tell me your name and tell me how dry your skin is. My friends at Carmex want to save your skin, too. The two goodies I got, they'll send you if by random number generator, you are chosen.

No charge, no catch, no gimmicks. Just hope for scaly skin. :-)


*For US citizens only. I was provided these products at no charge by Carmex.


Sherrie said...

Eczema keeps me fighting dry skin all year round... love Carmex!

barb said...

my skin has been dry, but not as dry as it would have been without my Carmex lotion! I love this stuff!!
Thanks, g, and thanks Carmex!


Carmex said...

Thanks so much for your review about Carmex skin care products! We are thrilled that you are enjoying them, and that they are living up to the Carmex standard! Good luck to all entering the giveaway and keep slathering away!
The Carmex Team

gr8fulg said...

The winner is...Barb! Congrats and enjoy your Carmex goodies.

barb said...

Thanks a bunch, Carmex and Glynis!!

barb said...

Thanks a bunch, Carmex and Glynis!!

barb hendrickson said...

Thanks Glynis and Carmex! I received my lotions a few days ago and I just love them. Carmex...keep doing what you do best, keeping skin soft and smooth. ;)