Tuesday, November 29, 2005

isn't it amazing

well Oklahoma, winter has arrived! Just in case you haven't been outside in the last couple of days, it blew in, literally. Visualize with me here...the wind is blowing constantly, gusting to 40 & 50 mph at times. Jim on a 15 foot ladder, 1 gallon of blue paint, 1 four inch brush, large gable over the garage. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we picked what was possibly the windiest weekend in the books to paint our house! I was holding the ladder, actually I was more just putting all of me against all of it to anchor it to the ground so husband would not get an early trip to Arkansas. House looks great, driveway needs cleaning, husband has no hair so scrubbing the noggin was no biggie. Too bad I forgot the video camera. The award goes to--My daredevil bro-in-law. When we reached the height of comfort for me and hubbie, we called daredevil and he finished the pinnacle with Jim body hugging the ladder. Quite a sight! No one died!

Things I learned:
Leaves can really hurt when hurled at 50 mph by the wind.
A newspaper becomes a living thing when trapped in a whirling gust, just give in, it will move on.
There are no hair clips, bands, hats, barrettes, do-rags, etc that work in 50 mph winds.
Paint can fly really far.
So can ladders when you aren't holding on to them.
Paint-$30, Brush-$4, watching Jim on a ladder in 50 mph winds-priceless!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

not much left

it's been a while. job is nuts, I'm not far behind and on top of the Hornet's game, the Bricktown Tree lighting the day after Thanksgiving, 2 concerts, 3 nights at the Harn Homestead Territorial Christmas and 15 other gigs, we've put our house on the market!! Oh well, without this what would I do? sleep?

Never a dull moment and in case I don't make it back here before the holidays...and it's a good possibility at this point...Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, etc...