Saturday, February 17, 2007


we've all seen the commercial, ring $6000, plane trip $1250, Mr. Suki-Dad, Dad-Keiko, Brian-Mrs. Suki blah blah blah

well, here's my version

1 new job-priceless
no office drama-priceless
no migrains, back pain, loss of sleep-priceless

so, I guess the best things in life are free.

Yes ladies and gents, it's been a B-E-A-utiful couple of weeks. And to top it off, I get President's day off too.

I have wondered in moments of weakness if I did the right thing by leaving my last position. I would say a recovered life is proof enough. Life really is too short to stay stuck. What's stopping you from moving forward? Change it if you can, it's worth the risk.


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