Thursday, September 28, 2006

it's good to have friends...

The last month has been a challenge as everyone who reads this blog knows. My sister, who still has young, busy, non-driving children at home, has had a lot to take care of needless to say. So one of her long time friends calls, says she has something to drop by and ask her to leave her key out so she can put it in the house. My sister gets home after work, soccer practice, football practice and finds her whole house clean, her laundry done, folded and on each bed and dinner in the crockpot. How cool is that? Thank you God for good friends who know it is truly more blessed to give than to receive. We are surrounded by them. Help me to remember to be one of them.

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barb said...

WOW!! That is an amazing story, Glynis. thanks so much for sharing it.

Love you and continue to pray for you.