Saturday, September 09, 2006

answered prayers and the necessities of life

saga 1

well, after our wild trip to Texas, we have relocated one father. God receives much thanks and all the praise for an easy transition in a difficult situation. Daddy is here, happy, compliant and very humbled. He's awesome!!!

now to the necessities of life...we all know we have too much stuff. In light of survival, how we interpret necessities is very individualized. while preparing dad to come to OK, we told him to pack just the necessities he'd need for 2 weeks. When we went to check his suitcase when he was done, here's what he packed:

1 Boyscout handmade leather jacket
1 polished wood kerchief knot
6 pair underwear
1 knife

Needless to say, holding back both laughter and tears, we added a few clothes and his toothbrush. I think we may have left the knife for next trip!?

the adventures in alzheimers have only just begun...

thank you God for your favor, your graciousness, your strength, and your laughter. we could not do this without You!!


preview: Saga 2...and the car wouldn't be continued!

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barb said...

Hey G!
Praise be to God that your daddy is humble and willing to listen. Amazing. I am glad you are back and home safely. If you need anything, please let me know. We'll be leaving in 12 days for Vancouver, but until then, we're here!