Friday, September 15, 2006

saga 2 and other news

So the car wouldn't start...My sister's Nissan Murano (very nice) had just had it's alternator recalled and replaced. So of course this is the best car to take to Texas for our whirlwind weekend of daddy business. We wake up day 1, car's dead. We can't jump it, it won't start. So we hook it up to a battery charger and at the end of the day the car finally starts. We have borrowed our cousin's car in the meantime so no real lost time. Next morning, we're packing to leave and leave the hatch open. Little bitty hatch lights drain the battery, car won't start. So we rehook the car to the charger, set it on high, listen to whole car hum and in 30 minutes, the car starts. We all jump in for the ride home, praying for good gas mileage and no head winds. Only one hitch, we have to stop for potty break and food, so we pull into Arby's and I go in while sis and dad stay in the running car and then we trade. Dad makes it out of the potty room just a little faster than my sister who exits the restaurant to see daddy getting into the van of a lovely couple from California. She runs over and asks dad if he'd like to go with us instead and everyone laughs and we cry inside knowing daddy can't live alone and is further gone than we had realized. We drive through, get food and get home. Thank you God!!
So we're leaving again today to run across the red river, sort through the rest of dad's belongings and pack them up so next weekend we can uhaul them back to Oklahoma. All I can say is...I'm driving my car!!!

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