Monday, September 18, 2006

miracles still happen

during the recent weeks we have so many dear family and friends praying us through the situation with our dad. let me run down the miracles for you.

2 months ago- dad was unwilling and adamant that he would never need our help and never move to Oklahoma
prayer happened
2 weeks ago- dad called and not only asked for our help, but completely turned over everything and admitted he needed our help

2 weeks ago- dad was number 12 on the waiting list for the best place we could find for him to live
prayer happened
6 hours ago- we put a deposit on his 1 bedroom duplex

1 week ago- every doctor we called who accepted medicare wasn't taking patients or if they were taking patients, they didn't take medicare
prayer happened
today-we found a wonderful doctor, who takes medicare, and is accepting patients

and this is just the beginning!!!

Thank you so much to our amazing Father in heaven!!!

GREAT, unsurpassed, unexplainable PEACE!

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barb said...

Hi glynis,
Dear.....I pray peace and rest over you and yours. I know how difficult this all is, but you MUST continue to let us readers know how God continues to move on your behalf! He is Who He is and that is NOT changing. He is GOOD.

love you,