Sunday, August 28, 2005

just one woman's opinion

life is an interesting journey...just when i think the road is clearing, construction begins. kind of like I-35 south! talking to a group of 17ish girls this morning, i find myself amazed at the burdens of youth these days. they aren't always external-jobs, school, opposite sex, peer pressure, etc.--i'm finding these days they are more internal. do i measure up, worries about friends and families, futures. what happened to the JOY of childhood? when did our society become so obsessed with what we do and how we do it that we forgot the simple things. a gentle rainshower, the smell of fresh cut grass, spitting watermelon seeds in the grass (and watching them grow the next year), playing in the mud, fingerpainting, music, reading, spinning in a tire swing...
i am not unrealistic. i know that education is important, goals are needed and sometimes t-ball players do grow up to be the next Babe Ruth. but i know more that the little boy peeing in the outfield because he's clueless about baseball but fascinated with the way the weeds react to his urinating on them brings joy to everyone watching (except maybe his mom). i also know that the pursuit of excellence for excellence sake is a vain and empty pursuit. do what you love excellently, that's success.

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