Wednesday, August 31, 2005

living in a bathtub

I have always wanted to visit New Orleans. Mardi Gras intrigues and scares me a little, but I always thought I'd see it once, kind of like Vegas. I heard a reporter say, and I quote, "If you build a city in a bathtub, you have to expect someday it will fill up". Well, we've seen the day. And I don't think it will ever be the same. It made me think though, if I lived in a bathtub and a hurricane was coming, what would I take with me? My husband and kids, no question, my dog, most likely, my cat, pretty bible, pictures, jewelry, a camera, clothes, money, and maybe my great grandmother's silver. I couldn't think of anything I "ride out the storm" for, or wrestle alligators for, or loot a wal mart for. I saw a guy on the news dragging a washing machine out of Lowe's. Kind of screams the question "Whatcha gonna wash in that machine with no water and no electricity?" I mean seriously, washing machine did not make my take it with me list. Neither did the TV. I am sad for the trapped and desperate in New Orleans and Mississippi and Alabama. Single parents, small children, the poor, the elderly and infirm. But these weren't the people I saw running out of the stores dragging carts and washing machines. I hope that in this tragic time, the needy are remembered and cared for. I hope the gators get the rest.

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