Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My thoughts on the Elections

We live in America. If you are a citizen, you have been provided the right to be heard. Through free speech, the right to vote, whatever venue you choose, as long as it doesn't impede the rights of someone else.

I did not vote a party ticket yesterday. I am a conservative, Christian, Republican. I voted out of the research I had done as a citizen of this great state and country.

I will not quit, whine or run away because my choices didn't win. I will step up, speak up and work harder to be sure that the things I believe in are heard, that the changes for everyone's good I will see happen.

It's time for team work.

Republicans can't fix it. Democrats can't fix it.

Americans can fix it. Oklahomans can fix it.

Let's get to it!



Sherry said...

You voted conservative here in OKC and your choices did NOT win? I'll have to go take another look at the winners cuz this shocks me. And I mean shocks. Afterall, I knew when I voted that my choices wouldn't win becuz I'm not conservative!! :)

I have to differ with you tho - only changed hearts will change actions, our country, the world. And that can only be done by Christ.

gr8fulg said...

Sherry, I did NOT vote a straight Republican ticket. And I agree about the changed hearts that is always the foundation of change. I'm glad God is in control, I hope his kids are listening and moldable.