Thursday, December 31, 2009

so why this blog name and what's up in 2010

When I started blogging I wanted a place where I could put my thoughts, feelings, observations, advice, wisdom, funny stuff, recipes, etc. It all seemed pretty random and although I'm a just-the-facts kind of gal at work, I do tend to ramble when telling stories, which I love to do. Plus it's my blog so I could be totally unfettered by any expectations other than my own.

I've lived most of my life taking care of people. I'm a first born, an over-achiever, with a much younger sibling, inattentive parents, and a mother-nature kind of heart. When my parents divorced I was 16, went to work full-time while finishing high school and then to college. I married at 19, was a mom of 2 by the time I was 22 and have spent the bulk of my adult years married to my best friend and raising the two most incredible daughters.

In the last few years, I've cared for my alzheimer's dad until his death in November. So now I'm reassessing. What does life look like in 2010?

I'm still married...26 years and counting. I want to spend more time dating my husband. Enjoying the freedom we have as a couple without children at home, without great responsibilities from others. I want to find more things to do together. I want to serve together more. Be involved together more.

I'm still a mom...but my daughters are 23 and 25 and discovering what their lives look like as adults. I enjoy watching, participating, supporting...but I'm an observer now, not a coordinator. :-)

And then there is me. What do I want to do for me this year? I want to know God more this year. Spend time with Him. Listen to Him. I want to do more art, learn more, express more, develop more as an artist. I want to get into shape this year, but not by dieting and exercising on a plan...I want to invest in my health and longevity by changing habits, making the effort to invest in me. I want to get more manis and pedis.

I want to dance more...sing more...celebrate more! Life is too short and moves too quickly not to spend a little time every day celebrating that today is a gift! Tear that wrapping off and get to the good stuff. Hug someone you love, HECK, hug someone you barely know. Play a game, do a puzzle, go for a walk, snuggle more...and remember always God loves you.


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gina said...

I'm totally game for more manis and pedis! :)

Agreed. I plan to hug and laugh a lot more this year. Life is too short.