Monday, December 28, 2009

trust AND follow

So I had this thought hit me yesterday. We were at Frontline with our daughters and the guy speaking made this comment "It's good to trust in God and to follow Him..." and it hit me, do I only trust? Am I really following Christ?

I have watched my life be built, brick upon brick, layer upon layer, on an unshakable foundation of trust in the Lord. I have faced all manner of events and situations with the absolute knowledge that I trust God and I know He has a plan for me. Jeremiah 29:11-14 is one of my life passages of scripture.

But do I follow Him? Do I stop, look and listen to where He is leading me? Or do I set off on a path, knowing He'll take care of me, trusting in His ever-present help in times of trouble?

Honestly, I don't know. But if the thought hit me that hard, I think I need to find out. God is subtle with me that way. Kind of like a hammer to the head of a nail. But really, sometimes it takes that with me. I reach the end of my chain at a dead run and like the old cartoons, it pulls tight, lifts me off my feet and BOOM! on my butt I sit.

So, here I sit. Pondering...what does it really, truly mean to follow Christ? Not the Sunday school answers that pop into my head, but the heart-felt, will-bending, I-know-that-I-know kind of answer.

Well, I'm going to find out.


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