Monday, December 14, 2009

Never done this before...

Ok, so for a long time, my husband and I have celebrated our anniversary in November by taking the day off and doing all our Christmas shopping. We love it, it's peaceful, no one else is out and walking across a parking lot is not a near death experience!

NOT this year...I was out of town, he was out of town and life invaded to the point that we are now 11 days from Christmas and I have 1 present purchased...and it was online.

Now I'm not saying panic has set has, but I'm not saying!! I went to Walmart for groceries and barely escaped with my life. And that was INSIDE the store, I'm not even talking about the parking lot!

So hubbie and I are now making a plan. I'm wondering what stores are open at 1:00 am, would we be safe to shop then and how much can I get at Walmart and 7-11?

Those gift cards are looking better and better...and besides, they buy more after Christmas right? RIGHT? I mean that could be my reason...couldn't it??

peace?? :-)

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