Sunday, February 14, 2010

This house of mine

I'm learning patience. I'm not very good at it, but I'm better than I used to be. My house has been a great teacher. There are lots of projects to be done. We knew that when we bought the house. But the projects we planned for are not the projects we've gotten to do.

I'll suffice it to say, the inspector must have been on the seller's payroll. :-)

Isn't life a lot like our house? It seems to be heading one way, with one set of rules, one set of plans and then the plans change. I had one expectation moving into this house, my expectation was the house was sound but needed updating. It was not. So we've spent time and money repairing and replacing, we've had to put updating on the back burner.

Even so, we've lived here 4 years. We've celebrated, mourned, partied, cried, laughed, enjoyed, and so on. The plans we had for the house have not stopped our living in the house.

It's been a lot like life. Life ebbs and flows, it moves and slows, it is sometimes sweet and sometimes difficult. But it doesn't just stop, until it's over.

So I'm enjoying our life and our 1974 house. I smile when I look in our wet-bar, at the smoky glass and brown counters. I think of the cocktail parties it must have seen.

Enjoy today, you are not promised tomorrow. And if all else fails, swing by for a cocktail, I'll be the one in the leisure suit.


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Michelle said...

I have never seen you use that wet bar!!!