Friday, February 19, 2010


Baobob Tree - African milestone

I like to mark the milestones in life. It reminds me of the ground I've traveled, gives me perspective. Shows me all the goodness along the way and how it encircles the pain, cushioning the impact on my long term journey. This week I have celebrated my husband's 49th birthday, the 27th anniversary of our first date, my nephew's 17th birthday, and the 28th birthday of a new friend in our lives. Lots of milestones.

We all know stuff happens. We fall down, we get bumped and bruised and beat up. But as I look at the milestones laid in the path of my life, I also see the joy, the celebration and the reward that some of the most painful times in my life have been surrounded by, under-girded with.

I know I'm a Pollyanna and I like it. I like seeing my cup not only half-full, but over-flowing most days. I am so blessed. Not necessarily by the world's standards, although I have more than I ever dreamed possible. But I am blessed to know that today doesn't determine forever, and if it does somehow, God is still in control. He didn't wake up suddenly, slap his forehead and cry out "Great! I missed that one. Better luck next time." He is not surprised by anything. There are no jump scenes for Him.

Aren't you glad? Doesn't that fill your cup just a little bit more?

I hope so.

I'm celebrating Friday today. I'm glad the weekend is near. I hear rest calling my name and I'm really hoping to answer. :-)


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missqokc said...

wonderful attitude. It's always nice to be reminded that God knows what he is doing. Have a happy and peaceful weekend. Susie