Saturday, March 24, 2007

adventures in the new old house

we knew when we moved Easy St. (yes literally) that we would need to do some updating to our 1974 home. we loved the layout and the space. the quiet older neighborhood with even older trees. the feeling that the cleavers lived close by.

wallpaper updates, no problem. new paint, not my favorite, but no problem. kitchen counters, current ones are not totally awful, i can live with them for a while. master bathroom, definite update material, but functional and who really sees it but us. AND THEN......

the carpet seemed a little moist, we discovered the drain pan was leaking and so our sometime update has become a NOW repair and update. so Jim the tool man taylor, hammer in hand, is armpit deep in destruction, i mean demolition, of all the tile surfaces in our bathroom. he'll tear it apart and we'll pay the nice man bruce to put it back together.

then comes the hard part, choosing what i want it to look like! some dear friends have given us a significant amount of beautiful travertine tile. not enough for the whole job, but a nice start. i have to pick countertop for the vanity, tile for the floor and coordinating tile for the travertine shortage. all within the ever looming budget. should be fun. a little daunting. i need to find my inner interior decorator. this is why we built a new house the first time!!!

so the journey begins...lots of banging, crashing, breaking tile noises, and now he's laughing...maybe i should go supervise. nah, i'm going shopping...


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barb said...

We need an update.....whatcha say????