Saturday, January 06, 2007

so i was thinking...

what creates a sense of entitlement in people? i've met many people, of all ages, that believe the world they live in should just be the way they want it and their expectation of the world is do it just that way. i don't get this. my life experience has shown me that if i want something a certain way, i'm probably going to have to work to get it there. this is my expectation and my experience.

i think i would love to live one day where everything was exactly the way i wanted it to be without any effort from me. but then again, why spoil contentment with one day?

i love my life and i wouldn't trade it. good and bad, easy and hard, God has shaped me and changed me and blessed me. i see His presence in my life every day, even though that's the last thing (without Jesus) that i'm entitled to.


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