Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What's in a New Year?

well, the truth is, none of us know. when i look back at 2006, there are so many things now past, that i did not see coming. my father is in oklahoma and in many ways, totally dependent on our care. we are empty nesters. i knew the day would come,but it did come too quickly.
good things are coming in 2007. mom is retiring and thank you God, financially stable and healthy. there will be a marriage soon and a new baby to celebrate. maybe even more than one. my generation of cousins are all married now with this last one. in the same year i will see 24 years of marriage, she will see her first. and the circle continues...
so seize the day, hold tighly to love and to those you love. release the hard things you have held to long. I'm declaring a year of jubilee!! Join me in the celebration of all life holds and praise God for his presence that brings joy, hope, love, peace, forgiveness and healing.
Happy New Year, World! God loves you!

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Kristy said...

Hey! I'll join you in the year of juuuuubbbbiilleeee! (I can't even say "jubilee" without hearing some sort of Southern Gospel hymn in my brain!)