Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A week in the mountains with crazy people

ok, maybe not certified crazy people, but close enough!! they are Crawfords after all! we're half way through our visit and it's been interesting, fun, sad, entertaining and thought provoking.

On one hand we have a nuclear family. Dad, Mom, 3 sons, wives & grandchildren.
On the other hand we have Dad, 10 marriages, 5 wives, 9 children, wives, ex-wives, girlfriends, and grandchildren.

and yet these 2 hands belong to the same man.

I sit in amazement of people in glass houses. Rock throwing seems to be a favorite past-time even knowing the consequence. Scripture says judge not lest you be judged. forgive me as I have forgiven others. with the same measure i give out i will be given to. honor your father and mother.

I battle with thoughts of anger, sadness, disgust, disbelief and gratefulness. I'm angry this man has caused so much pain for so many. Sad that he will die without ever understanding the full weight of his actions, attitudes and words. Disgusted by the bigotry and judgementalism that is so ingrained in his every pore. Disbelief that he truly knows the God that I know, or could all this be true? Grateful that in spite of all of this or because of it, Christ died for us both. Christ made the same sacrifice for us both, He paved the way to heaven for us both, He loves us both so much He made a way for us to know His loving, miraculous Father.

I have stopped praying Lord help me and have started praying Lord use me.

peaceful in idaho

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