Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Different shades of Blitzed!

So Saturday night we went to two Halloween parties, both costume of course! Jim was Mr. Clean and I was his favorite mop. The visual was amazing!!

Anyway...the first party was family centered, lots of goodies and cute costumes. A homemade haunted house with varying degrees of scary depending on who was coming through next. Very fun, very clean, very all american pumpkiny kind of Halloween party.

The second party we attended was for hubbie's company. The theme of the evening was slightly different. I think it was Vodka. There was vodka punch, vodka cocktails, bloody marys, vodka jello shots and something called sewer water with baby ruths floating in it. The crowd was well soaked in vodka by the time we arrived and very entertaining. Being the light weight I am, I enjoyed the festivities immensely because the drunker they get the more entertaining it became.

Karaoke is an absolute scream when toasted people are doing it. For that matter, walking became more and more interesting. I had a great time watching and I hope they remember the party.

So that's the blitz experience number one. Blitz experience number two, later today...come back for more.



Dwayne "the canoe guy" said...

We demand photos of the vodka party

gr8fulg said...

dwayne, special for you...check lovely wife's email for your special preview of the forever pickled halloween party. after i get the releases signed, i'll post on the blog!!