Sunday, October 15, 2006

Did you know?

I think everyone has been aware of the gas prices. UP and back down, although not where I'd like to see them, still down. Groceries have been a little higher and overall, things just seem to cost a little more everywhere I go.

Well, Friday I sent the season program to press. Due to the hurricanes and demand on building supplies, paper costs have risen about 30%!! It is going to cost me $1500 more than last year to produce a piece that is held in the hands of audience members through the concert, and then tossed into the recycle box so they can hold it again next concert or thrown in the trash or scrapbooked by someone's mom because they sang with us.

Seems like a lot of money for something that in the light of eternity is useless. How many wells could I build with those same dollars? How many children could I educate and feed? How many Bibles could be printed? The things around me become more trivial when lit by the light of eternity. What a perspective! It humbles me greatly to know that God sees everything in that eternal light.


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