Saturday, July 01, 2006

adventures in parenting...

my kids are getting older and it's been a while since I've had young kids around for any length of time. well...that ends tomorrow. my 13 year old nephew and 9 year old niece are coming to stay for a week while their parents go to Vegas. we're expecting good times, lots of fun and being exhausted by Friday!!! I think I'm glad I did kids when I was much younger. good training for the grandkids...WHOA- there's a sobering thought!



barb said...

Wow! Have a good time, G. They are good kids with lots of life to be lived and lots of energy to get out, I'm sure. :) I know you will enjoy them.

love you, my friend.

gr8fulg said...

We're having a great time! But the exhaustion isn't going to wait til Friday! Woo Hoo!!