Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where's his sign...

well a short update to a short fix up. The AC guys still haven't called, so it's still pretty warm in here and we're looking forward to the 110 degree day tomorrow!

The wiring in our house is fine. The mystery switch actually operates the light over the garage...strange that it's in the dining room, but at least we know what it's for. The dishwasher was looked over by a dishwasher repairman yesterday and he couldn't figure out what was wrong because there was no power to it. So when the electrician came today, he looked all under the dishwasher, pulled it out just like yesterday, PLUGGED IT IN, and it works great!!! DUH, we should have asked the dishwasher specialist to show us his sign first, would have saved a lot of time!

So one down, one to go. We're praying for rain and a call back from the AC guy.


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