Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's gettin' hot in here...

Well, not only is it 106+ on the outside, but it's now topping 83+ inside as well. yes, gracie, our AC is leaking! and when your AC leaks, it don't keep things cool. So it's soon to be naked night at the Crawfords, be careful about dropping by.

It seems that the previous owner of our new abode let his male dog do a whiz bang job on the AC unit, literally. We noticed when we looked at the house that the coils were deteriorated on one side. After asking what might have happened, said past owner let us know that was where his dog liked to pee. I guess dog urine is fairly corrosive because not only are the coils corroded but our AC repair friend says it's also corroded the coolant line. Yippee!!! All I can say is thank you God for home warranties!!! Now all we have to do is wait for the warranty people to find an AC guy that isn't booked for 3 weeks. Yippee!!! Naked night may last weeks, we'll take the quarantine sign off the door when we're clothed again.

More new house excitement...seems we have an electrical issue as well. Our new dishwasher stopped working last night and the repairman said that the lack of power to the unit is probably the issue. Once again, thank you God for home warranties!!! Such are the dreams of the every day housewife...

So life moves on at a very warm pace...I'm so excited to hear it will be in the 90's this weekend, I'm pulling out the winter clothes!!! and gas is under $2.80...miracles will never cease!!!!

enough sarcasm for today, the heat must make me cranky.

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barb said...

Hey G,
If you need and or want to come to our house, please know that you are welcome to sleep over here and come and eat with us etc. until your ac is repaired. Whatever you need, you got.

Love ya,