Friday, September 30, 2005

whose line is it anyway?

loved the Drew Carey improv show by this name. i especially loved the props bit. you know they grab a huge prop and have to come up, in rapid fire succession, with situations surrounding the prop. great fun!
So I'm sitting in my office, proofing the season program, and my boss enters. I show her the cover, tell her what I don't like about it, how I'm going to change it and ask what she thinks. She holds the pieces in her hands, reflecting, contemplating, and with this amazed look of a lightbulb moment, looks at me and says she has a great idea. Then she repeats back to me exactly what I had just described to her as her ideal cover. I punchline. I'm she serious? She says, So what do you think? I, with a puzzled look on my face, answer, sounds great, isn't that what I just described to you? She pats my arm, says great we're on the same page and exits. Other than the cover, I saw no props. I don't think she was trying to be funny. Dej'a vous doesn't cover it. i'm still a little in awe of the swiftness by which I superimposed my idea on her brain to the point that she thought it was her original thought. I need to explore this power. maybe i could lower the price of gas, end the national deficit and keep congress from voting themself another raise. this could be good, but i bet that's what you were thinking...see I've been practicing already!!! ;-)


pjlio said...

Thanks for the encouragement yesterday, I needed that. I once had my boss take credit for my idea in a meeting, the feeling of astonisment will pass. Have a wonderful week, good luck on Wed. P

OurayDreamer said...

Sorry to say there are limits to this amazing power. The suggestee is only affected by a suggestion/proposal/ solution that will benefit them. Any idea that would require responsibility or accountability is immediately rejected as nonsense. Too bad -

gr8fulg said...

the discovery of such truth is not devastating. although, the price of gas is going down...?