Saturday, October 08, 2005

My compass is spinning

A great blog I read,, had this link and a challenge to find out where you are positioned on the compass. It was interesting, lots of great info and reading suggestions, it was enlightening,(a little) and somewhat confusing. I have discovered that the way a question is phrased is the very essence of how it will be answered. Questions like "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?" leads to a condemning answer regardless. Questions with always and never in them tend to put me in a corner, depending on the subject, that I don't want to reside in.
I know that God will always love me, that He will never leave me or forsake me. In the realm of politics, to think always and never creates an interesting paradigm. The world changes daily, to think I would always or never anything in a given situation is stifling. But whether I agree or disagree changes my action, not my beliefs.
When I took the political compass test, I found myself sitting on Ghandi's dot. Hmmm, I know I love peace. Would I always respond as Ghandi? Probably not.
Check it out for yourself. Check out, too.

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