Sunday, October 09, 2005

hot fudge and fried pickles

there are few things is life that bring joy and comfort simply by being. hot fudge, heated to perfection, dripping over homemade vanilla ice cream, slightly melted, is one of those things. it makes you feel warm from the moment it touches your tongue until it slides down your throat to your tummy and settles there spreading contentment until the next bite. mmmm...
fried pickles bring joy from the first crunch brimming with dill and ranch like a smile exploding in a pickly bath. comfort food has long been my pursuit, as evidenced by the comfort it has provided my seat!!
I'm learning new ways of comfort and joy. a beautiful day, filled with good music, people I love and a slower pace, mmmm. A good book read in the quiet of an afternoon dedicated to nothing but relaxation. JOY!! Sharing a movie with my sweetie while enveloped in our well loved couch, comfort...
don't get me wrong, there will always be a place for hot fudge in my life. Life is too short to never eat dessert, but it isn't what I long for these days. simple, quiet moments are the revival for my soul and the comfort I long for.
"A loaf of bread, a glass of wine and thou"...sounds good to me. Happy Sunday everyone!

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OurayDreamer said...

My sweet husband & I took a short motorcycle ride around Lake Hefner and spent about 30 minutes watching the model airplanes being flown by their talented pilots at the airfield there. These types of days with no agenda other than enjoying one another's company are the reward for the rest of the days we have to 'do something' or 'be somewhere'. Enjoy them when you get them!