Monday, October 13, 2014

Two weeks

Did you know your life can change on a dime? It can.

But here's what I know today. Nothing new. 

I do know sodium is bad and makes me crazy. Sugar is bad and makes me crazy. Caffeine is bad and makes me crazy. It's my story, I'm sticking to it. Low fat, lots of vegetables, great proteins, complex carbs do not make me crazy and I feel better behaving. I'm in total control of my yogurt flavors. Period. That's all. And for now, it's pretty cool.

I'm a totally dependent child to a large degree. I can't drive, I can be alone for short whiles, and each day I've been totally overwhelmed by the love of the people I'm surrounded by. Love. Support.  It's a beautiful thing.

My heart breaks for those who don't know it.  From those around them to the God who created them. I pray one moment in time, each will. Fervently.

This "practice" of medicine is weird. It's a wonderful, flimsy, guesstimated thing. I will have an MRI and PetScan at the end of the month. It may show something or may not show anything at all. We'll see. Until then, we wait. I manage and I do not eat caramel macchiato Greek yogurt. You shouldn't either. 

God's got this. Of this I am sure.


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