Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Best Day Ever in Chicago!


So to our new friend Acie Boyd, I just wanted you to know the rest of the story of your beer lovin' bald guy Jim and our lunch on Saturday. 

This year began with Jim losing his job, starting his own company, finishing his BA degree, me losing my job, btw I'm Glynis, the bald guy's wife of 30 years. He now works two weeks a month in Madison, two weeks a month in OK. It's been a year of change and challenge. And two weeks ago, they found swelling in my brain on the right side. The docs don't know why, lots of unanswered questions, lots of wondering. We will find out more this week with Jim in Madison and me in OK. 

 But I had this trip scheduled to Madison to see our daughter and son-in-law before this all happened and the doctor said it was ok as long as I took someone with me. My sister could come with, so we came. 

My sister, Jenny, in the last two years, has lost a 19 year old niece to melanoma, her father-in-law has just recently rung the clear bell on his leukemia, had a God-child killed in a car accident, her son recently deployed with the Air Force after getting married, and her mother-in-law was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer just a couple of weeks ago. And she is always the support and caretaker. She is an angel. And I felt like this trip was just a small break, a gift to her who has been such a caretaker to all those around her. And the bald guy agreed.

I could not have come without her. 

So we find ourself on the Navy Pier, we wanted to ride the architectural boat tour and we needed lunch.  We come to Riva's and we're seated. We're rowdy Oklahomans and our waiter isn't quite sure of us, but you were obviously game for an adventure. And you made a celebration out of everything. You didn't know, you just did your job. You joked with my bald guy, you talked beer and scotch. You got us a map, helped us find the silver bean. Gave us hints on taxis, talked about special beer cans. You celebrated my sister's 46 birthday with that amazing cake and suggested milk, our favorite! You joked, smiled, played and made this special memory something we will never forget. And you helped melt away all the cares of our day with your care of us.

When you ran downstairs to question if we meant to really leave that tip, I only wish we have done more, and you had tears in your eyes and a hug for my Jim, and you won our hearts.I don't know your story Acie Boyd, but you will be in hearts for ever. Thank you for being you, it touched our lives and I wish you all the best, every day, for all your days. And you danced....

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