Wednesday, October 29, 2014

News of Glynis

Hello all, it's Jenny, Glynis' sister,

Thank you for your continuing prayers and support.  Tuesday we went to the pyramid! This building is also known as the NeuroScience Institute at Mercy.  We met with a very knowledgeable and patient duo of Neurosurgeons, Dr. White and his PA Mathew Bertus.  

Our initial 30 minute appointment became a 3 hour appointment when Dr. White understood Glynis’ desire to be proactive.  

As you may be aware, a diagnosis has still not been determined even after an emergency room visit, an overnight hospital stay, multiple CT and MRI scans and many assessments.  Dr. White performed a spinal tap and additional blood was drawn for a comparative workup.  

We are on a positive, proactive path in hopes of obtaining answers and creating a treatment plan, if needed.  Today we know that the right side of the brain in the initial MRI was so swollen it had pushed the left side past the midline and it could not be seen well. With steroid treatment, the swelling has been reduced over-all and the brain has taken a much more centered place in the cranium and revealed swelling on the left side.

Glynis will remain on steroids, though a much lower dose, since the results from the spinal tap and the blood-work have come back completely clear. Based on those results, on Monday, Glynis will go for another MRI and further steps will be determined at that point. 
Please keep those prayers coming. We are peaceful with the process and thankful to have skilled, proactive Doctors!
Hi!  It’s Glynis' turn.  
What I am sharing with you today is the most personal part of me and most important to my continued well-being.  

The easiest and best way for me to keep you updated on my health is through my blog,

I will update the information on this site as we have news to share.I will post to social media and I will email the link to several groups and the many individuals who are actively supporting us and have contacted me for an update.

I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and I wish to keep you all well informed, however, the current medication regimen has reduced my stamina tremendously.  

Though I appreciate you all, I don’t have the ability to communicate with each of you individually.  I have a small, intimate group, like my daughters, who have unfettered access to me and will be the only ones I will be personally in contact with. Thank you for allowing me to communicate through this media.  I look forward to speaking with each of you when time and energy permit.  Until then, my blog will keep you all fully informed.
Thank you again.  I do love you all!   God’s got this and it is well with my soul.

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