Thursday, June 30, 2011

NBA Lockout is Official

Wow. I love basketball, my mom loves basketball.

But here's where the rubber meets the road. The players being locked out will not suffer. The owners will not suffer. The ticket vendors, janitors, food service workers, security guards, venue employees, etc... will suffer.

My mom has worked most of her adult life. She lost her retirement in the recession. She now lives on Social Security. I think these owners and NBA players need a dose of reality. Grow up folks, it's basketball. It isn't life saving, life changing, benevolent or society building. It isn't feeding the hungry, clothing the naked,  supporting the hurting or giving life to the dying and downtrodden.

Get a grip. Make your money deal, go play ball and entertain your fans.

Yes, you are talented but so are a lot of us. Just not in ways that pay of millions of dollars for hours of playing ball. Thank you players for the good you do, but lots of us do good without applause or recognition. Talk to the City Rescue Mission workers.

I love the excitement and entertainment that NBA basketball brings to our lives. I also know, lockout or no lockout, life will go on. For some, it will be harder because they don't have millions to bide them over. Think of them when you're whining about not getting paid what you're "worth".


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Sherry said...

preach it sister
it's like when NFL owners whine that they're not making enuf when cities build them arenas and give them tax breaks
my heart bleeds for the whiny wealthy