Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Have you heard of the needs in Cashion?


If you want to help, contact Wendy Hanser.
Two teams are heading to Cashion this Saturday. Please RSVP if you can help.  Also, see end of email for prayer needs.
Team One- Cashion Donation Site MOVE
We need lots of hands to help move all the donations to a new location.
Where: Cashion High School
When: 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Sorting help is still needed prior to Saturday if you are able to help.
Team Two-- Debris Clean-Up
Clean up continues at the home sites on Cottonwood Hills Road. We have just learned of an older gentleman who lives adjacent to this area that has not had any clean up assistance yet. We would love to have enough people to continue helping on the home site from last week and to start on this gentleman's yard.
Where: Crossings Community Church
When:  7 a.m.
Bring gloves, wheelbarrow, small tools, sunscreen, bug spray, water.
Prayer Needs
Many of the families affected by the tornadoes in May have had long-standing struggles with poverty and other related issues long before the tornadoes destroyed their homes. As a core of interested individuals is developing to assist these families, it is clear that building relationships that endure past this disaster will have the most powerful affect upon these families.  Please pray for the following needs:
1. The ministry of Krista and Mitch Houston, who are in a community missions role in Cashion and have a vision for long-term ministry there.
2. Brett and Gigi Burk, who are neighbors providing primary emotional support to many of the families.
3. One of the women in the area has just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and is not seeking treatment due to a lack of insurance.
4. One recent high school graduate has the opportunity to be the first in her family  to attend college but currently does not have a car to commute to classes.
5. One young woman just gave birth to a baby with a double cleft palate. Surgery has been done and the baby has been released from the hospital but the mom has nowhere to go.
6. Financial resources are needed for each family to restore electricity ($700 per hook up)
7. Many families are in need of cars to replaced those destroyed in the storms.
8. Financial resources and equipment are needed to remove the storm debris.  This will cost tens of thousands of dollars.

We haven't heard a lot about these needs, but they are needs none-the-less. Please pray and help as you can.


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