Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Convenient Christmas

So this year will look a little different for us. We now have a son-in-law and an out-of-town daughter. We won't have the kind of time with our family that we have always enjoyed. It will be a little more compact.

We will still have time for our traditions, which after being snowed in last year, we all missed! I am looking forward to sharing those with our family again this  year.

In years past, I've had all my shopping done by now. But this year hasn't been as convenient. We just celebrated a wedding and the cash-flow at our casa is greatly diminished. We can't just shop, we have to plan. We refuse to create debt, so we have to be creative. This has forced me to really think about the gifts I want to give. And honestly, I've loved it.

Not at first, it was a challenge. But once I got used to the idea, I began to really assess who I was giving the gift to and what they would enjoy. What would touch them or be useful to them? It has not been convenient. But it has been a gift to me in a way.

God's gift of His son was not convenient either. He saw each one of us, lost and hopeless. We were on his mind when he spoke to Mary and Joseph. When the star shone, it glistened in the tear drops on his face. Tears of pain, tears of joy, tears of hope. He shed them for us. And then gave us the greatest gift of all.

So to my family and friends, I hope this year, though our gifts to you may be small, you'll understand they contain our hearts and treasure them.



barb said...

these, my friend, are the BEST gifts of all. And I really mean that.


p.s. your living room is just warm and beautiful. ;)

gr8fulg said...

Thanks, Barb. Love you lots.